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Kim came once a week to visit me.

Kim came once a week to visit me. It was difficult for me to let anyone in the house at the time because of the constant mess , piles of dirty baby clothes and bedding from Charlotte’s upset tummy ( she was lactose intolerant ) . I thought that anyone coming in would see that and think that I couldn’t cope. So I became obsessed with cleaning, creating more stress for myself. But Kim was a single Mum too and she didn’t judge me.

Having Kim come round helped me to relax, and gave me the confidence to build up relationships with other people again.

Charlotte’s dad was abusive and violent to me. And I was very low at the time. I have had depression and find it difficult to make new friends. I used to cross the street if I thought someone was going to talk to me. Now I attend a playgroup every week which is good for me and Charlotte.

Sometimes Kim just listened, sometimes she played with Charlotte and that meant I could get something done, which made me feel better about myself and more in control.